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Ages 8U to 12U 


Individual Player Evaluations are around the corner!

Tryouts are required to be placed on an age 8 & under10 & under12 & under 
for Traveling Fastpitch Softball team this summer.  



Thursday, March 17th 2022   6–8:00 pm (arrive 15 mins early)   - or -

Saturday, March 19th 2022   8–10:00 am (arrive 15 mins early)

Location: Savage Sports Dome 13450 Dakota Ave S. Savage


Skills Assessed by Independent Evaluators 
Hitting/Bunting, Fielding, Base Running, Pitching, and Catching.  


List of Items to bring: 

• Long pants and plain colored tee-shirt
  (dome can be cold, so please wear appropriate clothing),
  No names or numbers on t-shirts identifying your child. 

• Tennis shoes (no cleats allowed in the dome) 

• Bat 

• Glove 

• Helmet with facemask 

• Infield facemask 

• Water Bottle 

• Catchers bring own equipment if you have it, otherwise it will be provided for those in need

• Facemask to be worn at all times

Age specific information

8U: Players ages 8 and under, must attend tryouts. They will be placed on a 8U team. 
For those who have petitioned to play up, register for 8U and if your child makes a higher team, reconciliation of registration fees will occur later. 

10U & 12U: Players ages 10 and under and 12 and under must attend tryouts. Based upon the tryout assessment, players will be placed on a team appropriate for their age and ability level.  

8U, 10U and 12U players may petition to play at the age level above their own age group. This petition is subject to the recommendation of the outside evaluators, the needs of the Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Association, and the approval of the Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Board. To petition, send an email noting your daughter’s interest in “playing up” with the relevant details to .

Tryout Expectations 

  • It is expected that all 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U girls attend one of the tryouts held on either Thursday, March 17th, or Saturday, March 19th.
  • This is a great opportunity to signup to volunteer at stations for the IPE's. Come fill 2 or all 4 of your hours for this season in one event!
  • Parents who are not volunteering, need to drop off your player and leave the dome. Coaching your child will not be allowed. 
  • For the Operation's Handbook, contact  .


Warm Ups/Welcome

  • Light exercises to warm up all players -15 min.

Pitching/Catching Warm Ups

  • Help set up (measure out distance between pitcher and catcher) and tear down station
  • Catches for pitchers, bring glove
  • Play 2nd base to catch thrown downs, bring glove
  • Pitches for catchers

Pitching Evaluations

  • Help set up (measure out distance between pitcher and catcher, balls) and tear down station
  • Catches for pitchers, bring glove

Hitting Warm Up

  • Help set up (set up for soft toss, tees and pitching machines, balls) and tear down station
  • 8U/12U: Soft Toss and Tees
  • 12U: Front Tosses 

Hitting Evaluations

  • Help set up (set up pitching machines, balls) and tear down station
  • 10U/12U Feeds Pitching Machine

Catcher Evaluations

  • Help set up (set up home plate and measure out to pitcher and 2nd base) and tear down station
  • Pitches for catcher
  • Catches at 2nd Base

Outfield Evalutaions

  • Help set up (set up pitching machine, balls, measure out catching spots) and tear down station
  • Feeds pitching machine
  • Catches extra balls

Base Running Evaluation

  • Help set up (measure running distance) and tear down station
  • Records runs
  • Times runs with stop watch

Infield Evaluations

  • Help set up (set up bases, balls) and tear down station
  • Hits grounders from home plate
  • Catches at 1st Base

Table

  • Signs in players, writes # on throwing hand
  • Assigns players into groups

Group Monitors

  • 1 monitor for each group



FAQ #1: My child is an 8U/10U/12U/14U player, do they really need to tryout? YES! All players are encouraged to tryout. Depending on final registration numbers, the Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Board will determine the level of play and number of teams based on ALL player assessments.

FAQ#2: What position will my child be trying out for? Tryouts do not determine a players fielding position. Likewise, while there is a separate tryout for pitchers and catchers, there’s no guarantee that a player will play a certain position. Positions will be determined based upon the coach’s assessment. However, to have an opportunity to pitch or catch at the start of the season, girls must try out as pitchers or catchers, and they will be assessed accordingly. 

FAQ #3: What if my child is unable to attend the tryout? Player evaluation is a critical piece of success for our program and the expectation is everyone should attend. However, we understand that there are circumstances that may keep this from happening. If your daughter is not able to attend tryout, our medical and family emergency exception policy will apply.

FAQ#4: When will parents/players be notified of team placement? Each 8U/10U/12U player will be contacted as to their team placement, typically within a week from evaluations.

FAQ#5: Will my child be placed on a team with her friend? The Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Association will form teams based on skill and developmental level and does not guarantee that your child will be placed on a team with friend(s). The Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Association will guarantee your child will meet new friends, learn a tremendous amount of fastpitch fundamentals over the spring/summer and have lots of fun regardless of the team they are placed on.

FAQ#6: Will there be any tryout cuts? The goal of the Burnsville Traveling Fastpitch Association is to fill out every team at an acceptable number of players and not cut players who have a desire to play fastpitch softball. However, depending on the number of girls that tryout, cuts may occur. The Board will explore all options for a player(s) to have an opportunity to play fastpitch softball this summer.

Examples of a few options could include: 

▪ Continue to recruit players at the age level in order to reach a suitable number to form a team. 

▪ Communicate with associations in the surrounding communities to identify any combination of
  players that could form a complete team. 

▪ Consider if any of the players at the age level that are short players could play and would be
  willing to play at the age level above.